Matt was walking house when he noticed his girlfriend, Janine flirting with other guys. He interrupted her and told her it was time to go house. She knew she was in trouble and she was worried about the punishment. She knew he was angry. She tried to apologize, but he wasn’t even listening. He dragged her into the bathroom. He pulled up her skirt and started to spank her ass. But that was just the beginning of her punishment. Take a look at pictures and see just how badly she was punished.
The spanking was just the start. He made her strip off her clothes and get into the bath. He said that he didn’t want a dirty slut living there, so he made her start to clean herself. Along the way, he kept spanking her. Her ass turned a bright red. He even slapped her with his hard dick before he pounded her tight pussy. Her butt was sore, but she knew not to complain, that would make it even worse.

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